Vehicle Management System for LGED

Revolutionizing Vehicle Fleet Management:

Challenges in effectively managing extensive vehicle fleets can overwhelm even the most organized government departments. The Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) in Bangladesh, responsible for the country's largest vehicle fleet, faced numerous complexities in tracking, maintaining, and optimizing its vehicles.

Introducing the Vehicle Management System (VMS):

In a collaborative effort with the LGED, we proudly present the Vehicle Management System (VMS) – a comprehensive solution meticulously designed to streamline the management of LGED's extensive vehicle fleet. This transformative system marks a significant leap towards enhanced efficiency, accountability, and resource optimization.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Vehicle Records: VMS maintains a comprehensive database of all vehicles in the LGED fleet, including detailed specifications and ownership history.

  2. User and Driver Allocation: Efficiently tracks and manages vehicle allocations to specific users and drivers, ensuring accountability.

  3. Fuel Management: Generates fuel slips to monitor and control fuel consumption, reducing operational costs.

  4. Servicing and Maintenance: Records and schedules vehicle servicing and maintenance, optimizing vehicle lifespan.

  5. Incident Tracking: Tracks toll payments, accident reports, police cases, and even vehicle auctions, providing a holistic view of the fleet's operations.

Technological Advancements:

VMS leverages cutting-edge technologies to provide a robust and user-friendly experience. Developed using ASP.Net MVC, MS SQL, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, the system ensures seamless functionality and accessibility for LGED personnel.

Empowering Fleet Management:

The Vehicle Management System embodies our commitment to innovation and efficiency. By addressing the unique challenges faced by the LGED in managing Bangladesh's largest vehicle fleet, we empower the organization to operate smoothly, reduce costs, and enhance overall productivity. Welcome to a new era in vehicle fleet management with VMS.


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